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Tracking pixels

Supports Facebook, Google Analytics / Tag Manager, Quora, Linkedln, Pinterest, Twitter pixels.


Choose from a set of predefined themes or create your customized theme.

SEO Settings

Block search engine indexing, custom title and meta description.

A B C & OS Targeting

Send people to different URLs based on their operating system and to different URSs randomly and equally.

Password Protection

Only allow people to access your URL if they know the password.

Custom branding

You can add your custom branding or completely remove it.
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Thinylink allows you to collect payment directly from your Bio link page. With Thinylink Pro, you can configure your desired payment method and publish it live on your bio link page to receive donations.

Up to 5 Payment Gateways Available

Thinylink allows you to configure up to 5 payment gateways to receive donations. See available payment below.

Receive payments with Stripe
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Receive payment via Paystack
payment gateway
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Receive payment via Razorpay
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Monitor your earnings, keep an eye on your engagement levels, and find out what is converting your audience. Make timely, accurate updates to keep them coming back.


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