Why do I need a bio link?

The new personal webpages is what is know as bio links. Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, for example, only permit one link in the bio. By linking to all of your pages, including websites, social media posts, videos, and music, you can make it simpler for your audience to find all of your information.

Additionally, Bio Link is exceptionally quick, beautifully made, and click-optimized.

Is Thinylink 100% Free?

Thinylink is not 100% free. The free plan limits you only to free tools and blocks. For more advanced features, you will be required to upgrade your plan.

Why choose Thinylink over the alternatives?

Thinylink is obsessed over Speed, design, and most importantly giving consumers total control over their audience. Hope you enjoy it.

Can I create more than one Bio Link?

Yes. you can create unlimited bio links. We do not, however, encourage the practice of holding onto and conserving valuable usernames.

How many urls can I shorten on my free account?

You can shorten unlimited urls on your free Thinylink account.

Is my data safe on Thinylink?

Thinylink does not track your visitors’ personal information. Security and privacy are important to us. We utilize the dependable Amazon infrastructure. Additionally, we enforce SSL encryption across the platform and perform regular backups.

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